You have stumbled across a page that has the potential to lead you to secret codes and mystery or hours of frustration as you try to decrypt hidden messages and secrets. If you are not interested then feel free to click away. But, if there's some small part of you that is curious of what you could have found then please, continue to the link below.


If you have clicked the link already then I'm guessing that you have discovered that the page is password protected. You didn't really think that it would be that easy did you?? I told you, there are secrets here. Secrets that you will have to work for. If you want access then you will have to show it by going out and finding the password. It is hidden on this site, I promise you that but it will take a bit of thinking on your part to find it. So, if you are interested in getting access here's your hint to finding the password

3     3     7

Fitting isn't it? Since this is Troop 337's website. You'll have to think creatively to find what you're looking for but I have faith in you. Well that is all I can tell you for now. I hope that I have intrigued you enough to go out and find the password. Good luck!

Till next time,