Marshall’s 2015 Holiday Parade

W.D. Boyce.  Hometown Hero, indeed!  Nice job!

We celebrated the father of our Boy Scouts of America when he discovered Scouting in London on a foggy night.  As the story goes, W.D. Boyce visited London to promote his new African safari via Hot Air Balloons and found himself lost on a street corner.  A young boy happened by and helped Mr Boyce find his way.  When Mr Boyce tried to thank him with some money, the Scout replied, “No thank you.  I am a Scout and do not need remuneration for doing good deeds.”  W.D. Boyce was so moved by this that he introduced himself to Baden Powell, the founder of the world wide Scouting movement and gathered the program,  handbook, and uniform and brought it back to America where he started the Boy Scouts of America.  Hence the Scout Slogan, “Do A Good Turn Daily.”

W.D. Boyce lived in Chicago but owned a summer home in Marshall MI.  The home recently changed hands but operated as the Rose Hill Inn on Prospect Street.


Troop 337 is a part of the Nottawa Trails District within the Southern Shores Field Service Council in Michigan. We are a very active Troop with weekly meetings, outdoor activities planned for every month, and numerous community service projects every year. We enjoy the support of many parents and registered adult leaders. However, it is the boys that make Troop 337 function and deliver “the program”.

Boy Scouts was designed by Baden Powell to be a boy-led organization. It is the ability to fail safely that makes the experience of Boy Scouting a highly valued youth training program. Many adults in positions of affluence still proudly display their Eagle rank on their resumes – and rightfully so.

The document “Boy Led Troop” does an excellent job of informing a Cub parent during transition to Boy Scouts as well as the new Scout family in the ideals and practices of the Boy Scout program. In fact, this is a great reference for seasoned Scouts and leaders to help remind us of the value of a “Boy Led Troop“.

Troop 337 Leadership
Chartering Organization: Rotary Club of Marshall
Charter Executive: Dr. Philip Glotfelty
Committee Chair: David DeGraw
Scoutmaster: Steve Seifert

Troop meetings are held every Monday,
except after weekend events,
from 7:00pm to 8:15pm
at the First Presbyterian Church.

Check the calendar for schedule changes.  Email the troop leadership at

Boy Scout Law
A Scout is:
Clean, and

Boy Scout Oath or Promise
On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and
to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake and morally straight.

Boy Scout Motto
Be Prepared!

Boy Scout Slogan
Do a Good Turn Daily!

The Outdoor Code
As an American, I will do my best to –
Be clean in my outdoor manners
Be careful with fire
Be considerate in the outdoors, and
Be conservation minded.

Leaving Tracks in Our Community